ROck N Roll Comics

Welcome to the tribute site to Rock N’ Roll comics.  These unauthorized biographies of many of the most famous rockers & bands
of all time were published in the 1990’s by Revolutionary Comics.  This site also pays tribute to the original creator and
publisher Todd Loren, who was murdered in 1992. (A murder as yet unsolved.)
Our goal is to let people know about this unique publisher of comics and let current fans and creators have a place where they get more information and exchange ideas about the entire Revolutionary Comics line. For example; Most people have no idea that Revolutionary established a legal precedent that gave comics the same right to publish unauthorized biographies as mainstream books. 

 We hope comic collectors and scholars will be able to use this site to get accurate info about when the books were published  and who worked on them.  Revolutionary Comics gave many artists and writers their first break in the comics biz, and many moved on to larger publishers and projects.  This site’s goal is to show the contribution that Revolutionary Comics has made to comics history.

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